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Entrevista do Primeiro-Ministro ao Bangkok Post.




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Poet, Pragmatist and PM

After spells as a jailed revolutionary and Timor-leste’s first president, Xanana Gusmao finds new satisfaction in the concrete achievements he can bring as prime minister. 



“I don’t know if it was destiny or if it was fate that I landed up in this position,” he admits. 


“We are looking with Asean members to set a roadmap to enter; we are not rushing for a full membership,” he admitted, adding that observer status would suit the country for now. 

But East Timor’s first president is not giving up on grander hopes and aspirations for his country. One big plus is the presence of oil, which has allowed the country to establish an oil fund with levies... 

“We have not gone as far as we would have wanted but the oil fund is there to help us,” he says, pointing to the copy2 billion in revenues the fund has amassed so far. 



"Mr Gusmao says it is now time for the younger generation to take control, although he feels some from his generation can still contribute with advice and oversight."


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